Open a New Window of Chrome for Mining

This article is a continuation of  How to mine Wakacoin on your browser

If you don't quite know what Wakacoin and browser mining are, please read What is Wakacoin first.

【Step 1】Login to

Use Chrome to open and keep your account in login status.

【Step 2】Open a new Chrome window

When you need to browse another website on Chrome, you can open a new Chrome window. 

Remember not to minimize the previous window.  Just let your window open separately.

Then your computer will start to mine when you work or browse another site!

To check the result, click the bottom groundhog banner and you will see the mining report!

Also, you can directly click on the groundhog banner at the bottom of the page after logging in.

After that, you just need to click the refresh bottom, then you can see the updated report.


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