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What is Wakacoin?

It was just a couple weeks ago, I hung out with friends. One of my friends told me that she was obsessed with a digital currency recently. When it comes to digital currency, all I know is that if you want to use it, you need to be skilled at programming, also have the related knowledge of the field. However, my friend told me it's easy to use and you don't need to install any software. This stuff sparked my curiosity. The digital currency, my friend introduced to me was Wakacoin. Since I didn't really understand what it was, I started to google it. Then I found  and tried to figure out how it works. In my opinion, Wakacoin is a digital currency that applied the technique of blockchain to issue. It wants to break through the traditional thought of existing blockchain, and makes everyone use it easily. Here are some points I want to share with you if you are too lazy to visit the website. 1. Newbie friendly If words like "blockchain" and "

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