Use Multiple Desktops (Virtual Desktop) of Windows 10 to Mine

This article is a continuation of  How to mine Wakacoin on your browser. Next, I am going to show you how to use multiple desktops of Windows 10 to mine Wakacoin.

If your operating system version is under Windows 10, please read How to mine Wakacoin on your browser.

To understand what Wakacoin and browser mining are, you need to read this article firstly: What is Wakacoin.

Now, let me teach you creating a virtual desktop, then you can mine while doing other things.

【Step 1】Create a new virtual desktop in Windows 10

Using Windows key + Tab shortcut on your keyboard, you can access Task View.
Then, click the "New desktop" button and you successfully create a virtual desktop.

【Step 2】Login to

Use the Chrome browser to enter and keep it logged in on your new virtual desktop.
Remember, do not close the windows or minimize the windows, just stay on any page of the site.

Want to move back to your original desktop? 
No problem!

Just use the same shortcut Windows key + Tab, then you can switch it and continue your work.

After working for a while, you can switch to a virtual desktop and find the groundhog banner at the bottom of the website. Click it and you will see the mining report.

That's it. Easy, right?


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